Recruitment with Go RH is more than just compiling promising resumes. It is also (and above all) a customized approach built on the best workplace practices of today and tomorrow.

A service available to all SMEs and organizations, across all sectors:

Technology and digital

Manufacturing and industrial



Why should you recruit with us?

Knowledge of the best recruitment practices and the evolutions of the job market (working conditions, wage rates, etc.)

Proficiency in your tools (ATS, shared tools)

Understanding of recruitment tools (job boards)

Support with creating and advertising new positions

A real understanding of the inner workings of your company, its framework and vision for development, maximizing the chances of success at the pre-qualification stage.

The key stages in our recruitment process:

We tailor our recruitment process to suit your needs. Select the stages that are relevant to you, and we will be happy to guide you through the process!

Discover our consulting division too

Our team is here to help with all your human resources needs, from outsourcing to defining your employer brand.

Our consulting service Our consulting service

Helping you build your dream team.