Employers, don’t let the labour shortage slow you down! Our network of partners in France allows us to provide 360-degree support so that you can quickly onboard your new recruits.

Give your talent more than a job offer—give them a life project!

Recruiting internationally allows you to find the best talent for your company, and sometimes, in less time, when compared with hiring locally. With the help of our team and our network, you will be able to turn your attention back to your business operations. We’ll take care of everything.

360-degree support, from France all the way to your offices in Canada

Research, recruitment, and representation in France

We can represent you at international job fairs. We can also conduct face-to-face interviews at our offices in Paris.

Outsourcing: your long-term international recruitment service

We can offer you a year-round international recruitment service, becoming an extension of your permanent recruitment team.

Career mobility support for candidates

We take care of your candidates’ immigration procedures and prepare them for their arrival.

Setting up in-house international recruitment

Are you recruiting overseas on a regular basis? We can help you set up your own international recruitment process by training your teams, and much more!

When should you consider international recruitment?

You are struggling to recruit locally

Is your company facing staffing issues in the wake of the labour shortage across Quebec? We will oversee your entire international hiring process and guide your managers through the interviewing and immigration procedures, providing step-by-step support.

You don’t know how to get started

Our network of partners allows us to offer you à la carte services and to answer all your burning questions. Whether it’s for recruitment, immigration, or resettlement, we have teamed up with the best service providers out there to provide support for you and your future overseas employees. We can manage your job listings, candidate searches, interviews, as well as the welcoming and integration process for your international hires, helping you free up your time and resources.

You aren’t aware of the procedures involved

Our network of partners allows us to offer you à la carte services and to answer all your burning questions. Whether it’s for recruitment, immigration, or resettlement, we have teamed up with the best service providers out there to support you, but also to support your future overseas employees.

Our valued international partners

By collaborating with our partners based in Europe and Africa, you can streamline your international recruitment efforts. With our partners, you will be offered a selection of the highest quality candidates, all while receiving outstanding support throughout the onboarding process.

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    With over 10 years of experience in the French-Canadian market, Kennedy Garceau assists candidates and companies in their expatriation and immigration endeavours.

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    Canada’s largest national airline, Air Canadaoperates domestic and international flights across five continents from its hubs at Toronto-Pearson, Montreal-Trudeau, Vancouver, and Calgary. Thanks to our partnership, our candidates enjoy a number of benefits, such as more flexible ticket options and free check-in for a second item of luggage.

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    Founded by two French adventurers who fell in love with Canada, Canada Explorers offers training courses designed to support people looking to embark on their very own immigration project. Go RH’s international candidates receive a special discount on these training programs, as well as direct access to Canada Explorers’ network of partners.

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    By choosing Desjardins, the largest cooperative financial group in North America, your employees get to enjoy one-of-a-kind assistance that will make it easier for them to settle in Canada. They’ll get advice as well as products and services that are tailored to their needs.

    They can also take advantage of a welcome offer, designed specifically for newcomers.

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    Objectif Québec! is committed to the personal, professional, and social integration of French-speaking immigrants, particularly French citizens who want to study, receive training, work, and settle in Quebec. Backed by their partners, extensive network, and cutting-edge expertise, Objectif Québec! will provide you with the right strategies to achieve your objectives.

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    Demeco is a French company leading a network of professional movers.

    Its range of services is divided into three branches: personal moving, business and administrative transfers as well as industrial transfers.

    Our two contacts, Franck and Benoît, will assist any Go RH candidates in need of their services and will offer them discounted rates.

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    As a travel insurance broker since 2002, Chapka designs and offers tailored insurance solutions to suit your candidates’ needs.

    Candidates referred by us will have access to personalized follow-up support and to attractive rates for immigration programs to Canada.


At Go RH international, customer satisfaction is our top priority!


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