Recruitment process outsourcing (or RPO for short) can be a very attractive solution for companies with a specific, ongoing, and well-defined set of needs.

How does this service work?

Imagine having access to one, two, or even four recruitment professionals to handle all your staffing needs or to support you throughout your recruitment process. This is exactly what our team can offer you with our recruitment outsourcing service. External service + internal partnership = peace of mind, guaranteed.

When should you consider outsourcing your recruitment?

You want to process more resumes more quickly

If you are struggling to effectively screen and process incoming applications via job boards or your “Careers” page, our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) experts are ready to help. Their ability to quickly grasp your needs and take action never fails to impress! Efficient resume screening is our specialty.

You want a turnkey recruitment specialist to join your team and use YOUR tools

Our recruitment outsourcing strategists are well versed in the different platforms and tools available (ATS, HRIS, job boards, LinkedIn Business). They will be able to seamlessly join your team and streamline your internal processes.
Nos stratèges en impartition-recrutement connaissent parfaitement les différents écosystèmes et les outils que vous pouvez utiliser (ATS, SIRH, plateformes d’affichage, LinkedIn Business). They will be able to seamlessly join your team and streamline your internal processes.

You are looking for an agile, flexible, and relevant model that you can make your own

Our specialists adapt to your pace and your requirements, and are right there with you, at the heart of the action. From job postings to in-person interviews and reference checks, our team will be there. Our experts immerse themselves in your corporate culture and become true ambassadors of your employer brand.


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