Whether you are simply looking to delegate your recruitment process or outsource your entire HR department, our team of experts will come to you and work with your existing tools. By entrusting your HR management to Go RH, you can tap into the industry-specific expertise of our consultants across all areas of human resources management.

How does this service work?

An HR expert will join your team, on an equal footing with your in-house staff, and will oversee your human resources operations, at a pace that suits you. We will take care of the administrative and coordination side of things, as well as providing the necessary tools and expertise. In short, we provide you with the best of both worlds, and more time to tackle your daily workload!

When should you consider HR outsourcing?

Your HR department is overwhelmed

Are your HR managers being run into the ground? You can enlist the help of our experts to oversee your entire hiring process, from job posts, employee inductions and interviews to support and training for managers.

Your HR representative is not available

Is your HR manager on temporary leave, or will they be absent for the foreseeable future? Not to worry, we will take care of your human resources management for as long as is needed.

You lack in-house expertise

Is your team a person short? Contact our expert team to ensure your organization continues to run at full capacity. We will take care of recruitment and the overall management of your human resources until you have found the right person to take on this key role.


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