Our team of talent acquisition specialists will assist you throughout your recruitment process, from defining your ideal candidate profile to negotiating the job offer, posting job adverts and carrying out reference checks.

Hourly recruitment

At Go RH, we don’t believe in charging over 20% of the employee’s salary for each hire – that’s an absurd amount of money! We have created an hourly model designed to drastically reduce your recruitment costs.


Recruiting is no easy feat, especially when you have very specific needs or the sector you are hiring in is quite niche. As we all know, qualified candidates are becoming increasingly scarce, but we’re armed with the right tools to find you the very best talent.

When should you consider our recruitment
and headhunting services?

You are looking for specialized or very niche candidates in a given sector

Are you looking for a flying pig? A unicorn? Our headhunters aren’t miracle workers… but they’re close! Our talent acquisition specialists will leave no stone unturned when finding you the right person for the job.

You are looking to fill a management position (director, vice-president, executive)

Are you looking to hire for a highly strategic role in your organization? Our experienced team of headhunters is here to help. We have a more specialized approach for recruiting these roles, which may include a psychometric component.

You want to audit your practices and recruitment process together with an expert

What’s the secret to successful recruitment? We’ve cracked it, and we’re happy to share it with you: a hiring process adapted to your current reality. Our talent acquisition experts will evaluate your existing practices and give you the right advice so that you can take your recruitment to the next level.

Do you need to delegate your recruitment? Have you considered outsourcing?

An HR expert will join your team, like another member of your in-house staff, and will oversee your human resources operations, at a pace that suits you. We will take care of the administrative and coordination side of things, as well as providing the necessary tools and expertise. In short, we provide you with the best of both worlds, and more time to tackle your daily workload!

Recruitment tools

Additional services

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