The development of your teams’ skills and the implementation of training plans are key success factors for your company. With the help of industry specialists, you will be able to secure the engagement of your teams and meet current market needs.

Because it pays to invest in the growth of your talent

Secure your company’s future

Proper training is the key to successfully onboarding new talent. If your strategic expertise is passed on effectively, then you can unleash your organization’s full potential!

Build a positive reputation

When employees feel capable and productive in the workplace, then they can truly thrive. Having happy employees promotes a positive image of your company to clients and their network, which will in turn build up your organization’s reputation.

Boost your productivity and profitability

Stay ahead in today’s market by ensuring the effective transfer of skills and know-how and by building well-rounded teams capable of tackling complex challenges.

Harness and transfer the expertise of your top talent

Our HR specialists offer a personalized support package, including the analysis of your training needs, the development of learning programs, the implementation of performance indicators as well as skills assessments. Attract first-rate candidates and retain your current talent by offering your employees tailored and ongoing training.

  • 1% Training Law documentation support
  • Development of training plans and materials
  • Evaluation and transfer of knowledge and skills

When should you consider our training and skills development service?

You want to develop a succession plan

Do you want to hold onto your qualified staff and ensure the continuity of your company? By pinpointing your organization’s needs, as well as your employees’ skills and scope for development, you can identify your company’s key players and set up a winning action plan.

You need to comply with the 1% Training Law

Does your payroll exceed $2 million, meaning that your organization is legally bound to provide training to staff? These obligations are governed by the Job Skills Act, also known as the 1% Training Law.
1 %. We can help you identify your legal obligations and set up training plans tailored to your needs.

You want to ensure the successful transfer, merger, or sale of your company

When handling change, it is important that you support your teams throughout the process. As an employer, you need to identify the key players and assets that make up your company, but also the level of tolerance towards change. Is your team in need of assistance and guidance? We are here to ensure your organizational transformations go smoothly.

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