Set yourself apart from your competitors to attract new talent and get your teams excited about your company vision.

The working world has changed. Qualified candidates have become scarce while job opportunities abound, and we have seen a shift in employee’s priorities. More than just a paycheck, what employees are looking for, now more than ever, is a work environment that caters to their personal and professional needs.

Today, clear communication, hands-on leadership, supportive and participative management, and genuinely flexible working are the mainstays of success.

Our approach

For your employer brand to truly shine, it needs to be attractive, clearly conveyed, and above all, it has to embody your company’s core values and workplace culture.

Our team will harness your strengths so that you stand out from the crowd.

We will mobilize all the qualities that make your company unique, giving you an unmatched and modern edge over the competition. We will help you promote your core values and strengths, allowing you to attract quality candidates and foster a greater sense of belonging among your existing employees.

Our turnkey


Express Plan

Attraction strategy

Employer Branding


Recruitment toolkit including text and visuals for job posting targeted to the candidate persona

Analysis of your company (EVP and employee experience) and your employer competitors

External communication strategy including candidate personas

Internal communication strategy including employee personas

HR action plan and deployment to your employee life cycle (internal)

Action plan and deployment of attraction strategies (external)

Local or international recruiting service

Employee Ambassador Program

Your employees will be your best allies in making your company culture shine. All you need to do is provide them with adequate tools on the concept of ambassadors as well as on the functioning and writing of social networks for the benefit of the company.

Benefits of a strong employer brand:  

Attract and recruit the right talent

Build up your reputation as an employer

Boost team performance and engagement

Foster hands-on leadership

Promote employee well-being and a healthy work environment

Reduce staff turnover

Significantly lower levels of absenteeism and presenteeism

Promote work-family balance (WFB) and work-life balance.

When should you consider our employer branding service ?

You want your company to stand out

You’re well aware that the job market has changed, but you don’t know how to attract qualified talent? You’re looking to improve your employee benefits package, but don’t know where to start? Our team is specialized in employer branding and HR marketing and can offer you practical solutions to your business challenges!

You don’t know how to secure the engagement
of your teams

Our analysis of your employees’ current priorities and motivations will help you to enhance your benefits package and to set yourself apart as an employer. Our team will give you the tools to effectively showcase your company culture so that you can get your current employees more engaged and continue to bring in new talent, both in the short term and in the years to come.

You have high staff turnover

Are you looking to reduce your staff turnover? We can help you pinpoint exactly what motivates and what frustrates your staff, as well as the expectations they have towards your company. Our customized guide based on the best HR practices will ensure your initiatives have a long-lasting impact. What’s more, we will equip your management team so that they can foster a healthy, dynamic, and committed work environment.


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