Your company is growing and you are looking to streamline and delegate your human resources activities

Whether your company is a start-up or a scale-up, we will determine your needs and provide turnkey solutions to help you design your very own HR framework.

What we can
do for you :

Define and prepare official documentation

Design your employee handbook

Set up a welcome and orientation program for new employees

Define your salary and benefits package

Draw up job descriptions and competency profiles

Recruit your HR team

Support your start-up operations

Set and display your various internal policies

Does my organization need an HR department?

You wish to set up or upgrade an existing HR framework

Together, we define your material and staffing needs: what policies need to be developed or revised, what tools should be implemented, and most importantly, what type of team you need. What tools can be implemented? And above all, what team do you need? We identify, recruit and train top talent to create an HR department that reflects the essence of your company: strength and self-sufficiency.

You need help developing HR tools, processes, methods, and policies

Year after year, various new reforms and legislations mean that you have to update your internal policies. Sometimes, it can be hard to know which ones need changing, or even where to get started. Our human resources specialists are on hand to ensure you comply with all your legal obligations. Our team of experts can write or revise your HR policies, set up HR monitoring and reporting tools, and provide step-by-step support for any major changes.

You need to recruit and train your own HR team to make the department more self-sufficient

You have two options here—you can recruit your HR talent on an hourly basis, or instead outsource your recruitment process. Our talent acquisition experts know what skills and traits to look for in HR professionals and will find you the most qualified talent for your organization. Find the solution best suited to your needs and budget.

Additional services

Want to find out more about setting up an HR department?