The benefits of knowledge transfer:

Gets new recruits quickly up to speed

Reduces the impact of staff departures

Locks in your staff’s expertise before they move on to another organization, ensuring the continuity of business operations and services

Minimizes risk when developing policies or making decisions and there are no existing best practices, knowledge, or experiences to draw upon

Reduces the overlapping of tasks

Allows organizations to use their knowledge more effectively

Encourages the transmission or exchange of knowledge, especially if incorporated into employees’ daily tasks (e.g., work plans)

When should you consider our skills development and transfer service?

You are preparing to welcome and integrate a new hire

Transferring knowledge and skills allows you to fast-track the learning and development of new hires. Knowledge transfer forms a key part of situations such as onboarding or even job changes. We can also help you set up an effective internal handover process.

You are faced with the departure of a key player

When you lose one of your key players, you need to ensure you lock in their expertise before they leave to ensure the continuity of business operations and services. But how? By making knowledge transfer an integral part of daily work life and fostering the ongoing transmission and exchange of your employee’s know-how. Successful knowledge transfer can help soften the blow of staff departures.

You are involved in the acquisition or the merger of a company

During an acquisition, the transferor must entrust their corporate expertise to the acquirer to ensure the proper functioning and continuity of the company’s activities. We will help you draw up a transfer plan specially designed for business takeovers.


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