How does this service work?

Spot high-potential talent with our selection of tests

Atman Pro Tests

The Atman tests are designed to assess, measure, and analyze 14 personality scales. These tests can be used in any area of an organization that involves people: during the recruitment and selection process, during training and development, for conflict management… The list goes on!

Colour inventory test

Better communication between colleagues means better performance. The colour test can help you improve workplace relations by raising awareness around different behavioural styles.

What are the benefits of psychometric testing?

More efficient recruitment processes

Improved onboarding experience

Team building

Conflict resolution

Better management of staff

Identification of high-potential talent

Skills development

Better candidate fit

When should you consider psychometric testing?

You want to develop your team’s skill set

With psychometric testing, we can easily pinpoint a candidate’s key skills for a given role. We can also identify the areas candidates will need to develop to meet the requirements of the position and the organization. This powerful, simple, and efficient tool allows companies to optimize their human resources in a structured and reliable way.

You need to recruit new talent

We only spend a few hours evaluating candidates at the interview stage, and psychometric analysis is an excellent tool that allows us to highlight certain aspects that are harder to gauge during interviews: learning method, certain personality traits (stress management, innovation, organization, team spirit, problem-solving, etc.), workplace preferences (in terms of management style, performance, professional development) as well as communication style.

You want to strengthen your team

Psychometric tests allow us to gather key information about our teams. We can take stock of a team’s strengths and areas for improvement before getting everyone involved in a fun and engaging team building exercise. This activity helps participants to find their role within their team.


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