Boost employee satisfaction and increase your productivity!

A happy workforce is a more committed and productive workforce. Ask yourself, but more importantly, ask your employees what you can do to be more accommodating. There is a multitude of WFB measures out there, including some very affordable, or even free options for you to try.

Make WFB a key part of everyday work life

The search for balance in life cuts across all generations. All employees have work-family balance needs, but some may be reluctant to discuss them openly. Everyone’s situation is different, so it is important that employers adopt an agile mindset.

WFB, a worthwhile investment

Implement clear and fair measures and provide proper training to your managers and teams. Then, lead by example and show employees that the measures are there for a reason. This is the best way to demonstrate to employees that you are true to your word.

A range of WFB measures adapted to your needs:

Flexible working hours and arrangements

Remote working and the right to disconnect

Family and childcare support

Support programs for staff and their families

Access to service providers facilitating WFB

Earn the Concilivi Seal

We offer a service that includes a diagnosis of your organization’s current needs as well as comprehensive support for the implementation of work-family balance measures. Part of our procedure includes earning the Concilivi Seal, a testament to the quality of an employer’s work-family balance practices.

  • Workplace and work time arrangements
  • Family responsibility leave
  • Support for employees and their family members
  • Organizational adaptability

The benefits of a proactive work-family balance approach

Helps attract new staff

Improves staff retention

Reduces the number of late arrivals and absences

Builds employees’ respect for their company

Increases performance and productivity

Reduces workplace stress

Encourages a healthy life balance

Fosters a sense of belonging

When should you consider implementing work-family balance measures?

You want to demonstrate your commitment to your employees

To help you achieve a set of work-family balance (WFB) measures that are truly relevant to daily work life and tailored to your staff’s needs, our team is on hand to assist, equip and inform your managers on the importance of WFB. The initiatives proposed are geared to your specific needs, and our participative approach reinforces your role as a hands-on leader.

You want to get your staff more engaged

We will help you set up your own WFB committee, allowing your company to adopt measures that will benefit all employees across the board, in the short-, medium-, and long-term future. Our straightforward, customized approach for earning the Concivili Seal is subsidized by the Ministry of Family* and ensures the participation of your staff members.
* Certain conditions apply to companies wishing to benefit from the government grant as part of the process to obtain the Concivili Seal.

You want to hold your own against competing employers

Are you trying to navigate a competitive market and stand out as a company by offering an excellent package of work-family balance measures? With over 15 years of experience under our belts, our team offers you a selection of tried-and-test internal and external communication tools. Our exclusive Go RH approach will allow you to meet the key requirements of today’s workforce in just a few months.


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